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Irvine, CA

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Anejat229 about 1 month ago

Carne Asada Taco

So flavorful and packed full with meat and delicious toppings! From the tortilla to the perfectly seasoned meat, this is a MUST HAVE dish here!

Maryam about 2 months ago

Al Pastor Burrito

Amazing place, flavorful, generous portions, a large selection of salsas to accompany your food with which include pickled onions and veggies (carrots etc.). My favorite "salsa" is the smoked chili oil with garlic and the green cilantro sauce. Been coming to this place from its first day and been loving it. Go early for el pastor sometimes if it's crowded it can run out. They also have student discounts. Have brought many friends who really enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Some of the chairs are a bit too short for the tables so take the benches instead.

Schifferjonathan14 about 2 months ago

Al Pastor Taco

I find it difficult to discover new places in the UCI/Newport area that peak my interest, but Taco Patio was an exception. The atmosphere was warm and relaxing. The service was complimentary of said environment, and the food was simply delicious. The flavors that came together on one single taco were superb, and I can't imagine what they could do with all the other enticing menu options. Thank you Taco Patio for the experience that is sure to make a lasting customer relationship!

Dmsohovich 2 months ago

Carne Asada Quesadilla

The salsas were delicious. The quesadilla was more like a taco, not what I expected. It was good but not enough portion wise for a whole meal so I wish there would have been a picture on the menu so I understood that it was not a typical quesadilla. The online ordering does not list the American quesadilla as an option which is what I was expecting to receive. Will try it again but will be more careful ordering next time.

Aaroncl 2 months ago

Carne Asada Fries

Every time I go here I order these fries... well I actually order almost one of everything but these fries are to die for. I've been taking it out to-go and eating at home a lot more and they're still so crispy when I eat them at home?! How?! Not complaining, just thankful!!!! So do yourself a favor and order them and a side of that green avocado salsa

Cruzjanet 3 months ago

Carne Asada Taco

El taco de asada es una delicia que la tortilla está hecha a mano, la cocción de la carne está perfecta, la salsa picante y jugosa. Es un taco mexicano, es una nostalgia que me recuerda los viejos tiempos en México. Es una taco Taquiero.

Gavinmkerrigan 3 months ago

Al Pastor Taco

Hands down the best tacos near UCI. Open pretty late too, which is great as many businesses aren't

Jessiebaby89 3 months ago

Pollo Al Pastor Mulita

The best 💯

Anaevillarreal11 3 months ago

Al Pastor Taco

I'm from Baja y definitely these taco's are DELICIOUS totally Baja Flavor, and the special Salsa for these taco's especially it's BOOOOMM 👏🏻

Gabbyhanlin 3 months ago

Carne Asada Fries

The carne asada fries are so so good! The fries are cooked perfectly, it just all goes so well together.

Ruth 3 months ago

Al Pastor Taco

So I live all the way in Lake Elsinore and whenever I'm craving some tacos I drive all the way out here to get some tacos because they're just that bomb. Their tacos are seriously worth the drive. I definitely recommend you give this place a try, their food is so good.

Moike40 3 months ago

Family Pack Feeds 3-4

Omg , tried the family meal yesterday! My drive from ladera to Irvine was so worth it: the meat was succulent and prepared to perfection , the sauces were amazing, the sides were abundant and yummy! If you are not in the mood to create your own taco night, this is the go to place. The meal says for 3-4, but we have plenty of leftovers and will make a dinner salad tonight with all this yumminess. Great service , impeccable food, absolutely will come again!

Friaseric562 3 months ago

Pollo al Pastor Taco

Keto Pollo al Pastor Tacos are the best tacos I know and I live in East Los Angeles were tacos are on every corner. Can't wait for the next taco trip!!!

Amberortiz92 3 months ago

Al Pastor Taco

All the tacos are amazing. My favorites are asada and al pastor. They taste even better than the tacos I have tried in Mexico. All ingredients are fresh and the salsa bar es lo mejor!

Katyrin22 3 months ago

Al Pastor Fries

The Al Pastor fries are some of the best fries I've ever had. Each bite with the charred al pastor, the creamy sauces and a squeeze of fresh lime = the perfect bite!

Santana 3 months ago

Al Pastor Mulita

Delicious! Their food is always mouthwatering.

Almaccabrera4 3 months ago

Al Pastor Quesadilla

I've only been to the location once and I almost ordered everything off the menu, I remember trying chicken tacos, carne asada fries, al pastor quesadilla and tacos, cochinita tacos and Mulita. I will definitely go back, I really enjoyed the food, tastes hit the spot, honestly great food!

Doe 3 months ago

Carne Asada Fries

Best carne asada fries I've ever had! I wish I could drive all the way to Irvine from the bay just for these fries.

Redrose88 3 months ago

Al Pastor Mulita

Really anything that has al pastor meat is amazing!!

Xxmexicancandyxx 3 months ago

Al Pastor Quesadilla

Wow! Slowly roasted al pastor with a sweet touch of pineapple, melted cheese coating a handmade tortilla, savory salsa, and guac! Simply delicious!! Food orgasm!🔥💥💯

Belmajian354 about 2 months ago

Al Pastor Taco

This food is so dank that if someone told you to poop yourself and wear the poopie pants all day long, then they would buy you a couple free do it.

Karmarose9 about 2 months ago

Al Pastor Burrito


Marisol 2 months ago

Aguas Frescas

Everything here is so delicious

Chriswheeless 2 months ago

Carne Asada Mulita

First time trying a "Mulita" and I'm way impressed. Carne Asada was cooked to perfection and the salsas provided just the right amount of kick. Planning to add this place to my weekly night out for dinner. It's that good.

Kelseyelizabethlawson 2 months ago

Mexican Churros

This is the most delightful combo! I would have never put Nutella and churros together, but it is delicious. The perfect dessert after their incredible entrees.

J 3 months ago

Al Pastor Fries

Pollo Al Pastor fries are unmatched. I love trying new dishes, and I've never had anything quite like it before. The dish exceeded my expectations due to their savory, spit-roasted chicken, crispy fries, along with the array of delicious, vibrant avocado sauces and fresh pico. The amount of quality ingredients you get for the price is exceptional. My only criticism is that it needed a bit more shredded cheese. Aside from that, customer service was on point, and when we picked up our to-go order, it was hot and fresh! I will be back.

Jeremyel 3 months ago

Al Pastor Fries

I love this meal so much! It's for a fair price and the meat with the cheese is to die for! Would recommend to all my friends!

Sarayneb 3 months ago

Carne Asada Taco

Best keto taco ever! Love going on my lunch break, very delicious, fast service and great customer service

Charlene 3 months ago

Carne Asada Taco

The carne asada tacos here are soooo moist and taste so authentic. I'm so glad that there's finally a good mexican restaurant in Irvine.

95itai 3 months ago

Al Pastor Taco

I live for tacos and these are the best tacos in Irvine by far. I drive to Tijuana just to get tacos, taquiero is truly authentic. They cook the meat on a traditional trompo which to me is the only way al pastor should be cooked. And the salsa are packed with flavor. The aguas frescas are fresh and perfect.

Viry 3 months ago

Al Pastor American Quesadilla

The best tacos, i love it

Dahlangelam 3 months ago

Carne Asada Mulita

It's my favorite along side a fresh cup of horchata! But wait, then there's the Salsa Macha, hands down my favorite salsa. This combo is the best, then when you leave, you get a Pulparindo!

Awesomeamichavez 3 months ago

Al Pastor Quesadilla

How can I pick just one favorite item? I've never been disappointed here! Carne asada, pollo pastor and traditional pastor are great no matter how you order but the secret is the keto tacos!!! I can't get enough of this place and I drive 40 miles AT LEAST once a month to get my fix. I can't wait for Covid to be over so I can enjoy adding the serve yourself salsas and sides again. The fries are perfectly crispy, the churro bites are tasty, and the drinks are perfection. The owner is there often and makes the best recommendations, some being off menu, so if you don't know what to get (even though everything is mouth-watering perfection) you can always trust him. Also the environment can't be beat!

Goggalore 3 months ago

Al Pastor Fries

Loaded fries are everywhere but the consistency and seasoning of the fries here are unmatched. This is true comfort food and I can't recommend this place enough

Hyness8 3 months ago

Al Pastor Fries

You have the best fries in Irvine, maybe even all of Cali! I lived abroad in Australia for a while and one of the things I got hooked on was their fries. Not till Taquiero Arrived on my block did I find happiness in handmade tortillas, spicy yummy tacos and fries that blew my mind! Love you Taquiero por siempre!! Toni

Apatheticlamp 3 months ago

Carne Asada Fries

Honestly think this is the best thing on the menu besides maybe the tacos. The value is good, the fries are good, its just good. I haven't ordered the Al Pastor but I would vouch for those as well.

Guamexkb 3 months ago

Carne Asada Fries

They were so bomb, best I've ever had. And I've had a lot of carne asada fries

Gabbyshewrote 3 months ago

Al Pastor Mulita

Five stars for the al pastor! The mulita is like a thick quesadilla. I dream about this meal. It's the perfect combo of flavors.

Davila 3 months ago

Al Pastor Mulita

Wow wow wow!!! Can I please have a dozen? Crispy cheese and well seasoned al pastor get in my belly!!!! Pairs well with a Mexican coke and/ or draft beer. Highly recommend.

Ksshernande 3 months ago

Al Pastor Mulita

The pork flavor is just amazing and soooo juicy!! Omg my mouth is watering just thinking about it lol this place is amazing!!!!!